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Company Info

Please enter your company information. This information will be used for your letters and document templates. The system is automatically assigns My Company ID. You may need to know this number for lead submission purposes

Email Setup

Please enter SMTP settings for sending out your email templates

Credit Card Settings

We are currently support only BluePay credit card provider.  This provider guaranteed to beat any rates that you currently have from other credit card provider. To find out how to sign up for this provider, please call

Default Settings

This settings are necessary for accurate automatic estimates.

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Hourly Rates

In this form you should set up your hourly rates for automatic estimates
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Commissions Policy

You should use this settings if you are paying commissions to your workers or sales persons
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Long Distance Tariff

Setting up your long distance rates
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Lead Post and Website Form Settings

Information for lead providers in order to post leads automatically to the system
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Google Calendar Settings

Information and settings on how to synchronize your jobs and estimates with Google Calendar
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Setting up notifications for new lead arrivals and booking job
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